Wolf Blitzer interviews Ron Paul on CNN’s the Situation Room this Friday 10/6. Ron Paul addresses Obama’s ‘millionaire surtax,’ noting that the government has a spending problem, not a taxing problem, as well as the potential for fallacy with mob rule in a democracy. Ron points out that he predicted these very Occupy Wall Street protests we see happening today, as well as the incorrect assessment of Hermann Cain on the issue. Wolf questions Paul on his assessment of the other GOP candidates, and concludes by allowing Ron Paul to give a succinct rebuttal to Newt Gingrich’s praise of Obama for the assassination of American citizen Anwar al Awlaki.

Hillary Clinton pose in the famous Situation Room picture

The iconic Situation Room photo of President Obama, Hillary Clinton and top national security advisers has now traveled far and wide on the internet. But the dramatic gasp that the Secretary of State gave in the picture doesn’t appear to be what it first seemed. In a press conference in Rome, video below, Hillary Clinton explained that she may have just been reacting to seasonal allergies.

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Obama picture during bin Laden raid confirmed fake

Leon Panetta, director of the CIA, revealed there was a 25 minute blackout during which the live feed from cameras mounted on the helmets of the US special forces was cut off.

A photograph released by the White House appeared to show the President and his aides in the situation room watching the action as it unfolded. In fact they had little knowledge of what was happening in the compound.

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