New polls have Ron Paul leading the Iowa caucuses, and performing the best against Obama in hypothetical matchups – tied with Romney. There is 1 problem however – Ron Paul is not the establishment candidate. A Ron Paul nomination represents a direct threat to big banks, big business, big lobbying, and the big military industrial complex – which is why the people recently rallying around Ron Paul’s message of freedom has these powerful groups downright terrified. The media and the political establishment have vowed to completely discredit and ignore any Ron Paul victory – essentially discrediting the idea of democracy altogether.

Please give your appreciation to Jack Cafferty above and Neil Cavuto below for being some of the last fair and unbiased journalists we have remaining.

Public Policy Polling calls Ron Paul "Strongest Candidate"

The popular Public Policy Polling organization recently tweeted the above comments, drawing attention to what has been said by many of Ron Paul’s supporters for quite a while: Ron Paul is the GOP’s best chance at dethroning Obama from the White House. Aside from sound constitutional and moral principles, Ron Paul is simply the most logical choice for the Republican Party. The only reason the mainstream media has been trying to sabotage his campaigns for years, is because with a Ron Paul White House, their corporate welfare would end.

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