The Reporter Who Cannot Be Trusted
Dana Bash: The Journalist With An Agenda

The lack of professionalism from CNN’s political reporter Dana Bash is becoming unbearable, and her increasingly blatant political agenda is beginning to cast a negative stigma over the entire CNN network’s reporting and credibility – beginning with her admission of personally worrying about a Ron Paul victory. Regardless of your personal political stance, recognizing the unprofessionalism of Dana Bash is inescapable. It has become incumbent upon CNN to either reassign Dana Bash, or sever association with this disrespectable reporter altogether.

CNN, however, has recently released a statement to the Huffington Post defending their employment of Dana Bash:

The notion that Dana is anything but objective is preposterous. Dana’s report should be fully reviewed in the context in which she meant it—to reference John’s sources and her sources, not her own opinion. Keep in mind, Dana was the only reporter that Rep. Ron Paul chose to conduct an interview with last night after winning second place in the NH primary. That should speak for itself.

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UPDATED: CNN’s Dana Bash Is Confronted By Ron Paul Grassroots, Held To Account For Corrupt Journalism

And Then There Were Two…

Ron Paul outperformed all expectations tonight with his strong second place finish in New Hampshire, the first primary of the election season. Ron Paul’s support has consistently bucked the trend this election season which has seen virtually every candidate momentarily soar in the polls, only to come crashing back down into virtual obscurity. Paul’s support on the other hand has been consistently gaining every single with nary a decline. This demonstrates a remarkable loyalty among Americans to the message Ron Paul espouses, a rarity in politics, and especially the politics of the past few months. If history is any indication, the supporters Ron Paul has aren’t going anywhere, and many more are sure to be on their way in the weeks and months ahead.

With a recent report from South Carolina’s largest newspaper, The State, it is becoming increasingly evident that we are now down to a 2 man race in the GOP between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, with all other candidates failing to make the ballots of all the states:

• Newt Gingrich is not on the ballot in Missouri and Virginia and did not qualify for all of the delegates in Tennessee.

• Rick Santorum is not on the ballot in Virginia, Ilinois and Washington, D.C., and did not qualify for all of the delegates in Ohio and Tennessee.

• Jon Huntsman is not on the ballot in Arizona, Virginia and Illinois and did not qualify for all of the delegates in Ohio and Tennessee.

• Rick Perry is not on the ballot in Virginia and did not qualify for all of the delegates in Ohio, Tennessee and Illinois.

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Ron Paul the Rockstar

Ron Paul wins Iowa

Had voting in the Iowa Republican caucuses been restricted to voters under the age of 40, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas would have won easily, according to an entrance poll published by CNN.

By contrast, according to the poll, former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania won among voters between 40 and 64, while former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won among voters 65 or older.

Voters at the caucuses tended to be older citizens, according to the poll, with fully 60 percent of them being at least 50 years of age.

Only 25 percent of the caucus-goers were under 40, and only 15 percent were under 30.

Paul’s support in the caususes was strongest among the very youngest voters. Among caucus-goers 17 to 24, who made up 10 percent of voters, Paul took 50 percent of the vote. Santorum ran second in this age bracket, taking 21 percent, followed by Romney at 13 percent, Texas Gov. Rick Perry at 8 percent, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich at 5 percent, and Rep. Michele Bachman at 1 percent.

Among caucus-goers 25 to 29, who made up only 5 percent of voters, Paul won 45 percent, Santorum placed second with 27 percent, Romney took third with 12 percent, followed by Perry at 7 percent, and Gingrich and Bachmann at 4 percent each.

In the 30-to-39 age bracket, which made up 10 percent of caucus-goers, Paul took 34 percent, Santorum took 30 percent, Romney took 17 percent, Gingrich took 12 percent, Perry took 4 percent, and Bachmann took 2 percent.

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The NDAA is the most blatant violation of your rights as a human being and citizen of America. The video above provides footage showing Mitt Romney and Ron Paul’s stance on the NDAA bill, and their sense of urgency in protecting your life and liberty.

After watching the video below, would knowing Mitt Romney’s stance on the NDAA really matter?

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