A new poll from Public Policy Polling (PPP) released today shows Ron Paul has surged to the lead in Iowa with 23% of the vote, followed by Romney with 20%, and Newt Gingrich’s imploding campaign has sunk to 14%.

In addition to having more support right now Paul also has firmer support (73% solidly committed) than Romney (68% solidly committed).

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Source: Public Policy Polling

Public Policy Polling calls Ron Paul "Strongest Candidate"

The popular Public Policy Polling organization recently tweeted the above comments, drawing attention to what has been said by many of Ron Paul’s supporters for quite a while: Ron Paul is the GOP’s best chance at dethroning Obama from the White House. Aside from sound constitutional and moral principles, Ron Paul is simply the most logical choice for the Republican Party. The only reason the mainstream media has been trying to sabotage his campaigns for years, is because with a Ron Paul White House, their corporate welfare would end.

Ron Paul set to win Iowa Primary

A new poll from Public Policy Polling shows Newt Gingrich dropping in Iowa to 22%, with Ron Paul surging to 21%, a statistical tie given the 2-3% margin of error. Virtually every candidate has at some point during this year’s campaign seen their numbers soar, only to come crashing down shortly after. Ron Paul is the sole candidate who’s numbers have consistently risen month after month, building a solid base of support that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. The poll also shows that almost half of Gingrich supporters are uncertain on whether they will eventually vote for him, while 77% of Ron Paul supporters are certain they will vote for him. Mitt Romney is steady at a distant third place with 16%.

Based on the trends, come January, Ron Paul could end up with a landslide victory.

Source: businessinsider.com

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