I knew Mitt was a serial flip flopper, but boy does it look bad when you see all of his flipping in one consecutive video. Mitt is a sharp looking guy, no doubt about it – but at the core, he is simply a man that yearns for the popularity and power of a political post, and is willing to take any stance that will get your vote. There isn’t a single principle that Mitt stands on – or perhaps more appropriately – Mitt believes in whatever principle will get you to like him at this very moment. It could literally change next year, or tomorrow, or within the next 2 minutes, just as it has before. Mitt isn’t even so much a human being, as he is a walking mirror. He will reflect back to you whatever you believe in, which is great when he’s in front of you, however not so great when he’s in front of that other person who thinks they have a right to your money, your children, your house.

So who really is Mitt Romney? It’s quite literally impossible to say. The only thing for certain – Mitt is a serial a flip flopper. Nominate this man for anything, and you’re bound to get burned.

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