Ron Paul and Peter DeFazio Key Points

  • Rand Paul clip argues that even eliminating all non-military spending will not balance the budget. We need to make cuts in military spending if we’re serious.
  • Ron Paul differentiates between “defense” spending and “military” spending. The two are not synonymous – in fact our military spending is likely threatening our defense.
  • Peter DeFazio questions why we are still in Europe 60-70 years after World War II?
  • Ron Paul points out we are still building infrastructure in Afghanistan, and Peter DeFazio agrees that we need to spend our money in building local infrastructure, not foreign infrastructure.
  • While rhetoric varies slightly, foreign policy does not, and Obama’s Foreign Policy is coming very close to mirroring that of George Bush.
  • We have a “bipartisan mess,” with too much bipartisanship working in the wrong direction.
  • Peter DeFazio reiterates the vast difference between military spending and waste, and defending the real interests of the American people.

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