Here is a portion of a Ron Paul speech (starts at 4:13 in video) given in New Hampshire where he discusses the horrifying SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) bills.

It is truly frightening when 2 of the most oppressive, anti-freedom bills are being developed by our government, there is a total media blackout on the issue. We are hearing nothing about it anywhere – surely with the goal that by the time people do hear about it, it will be too late.

And of course none of the establishment politicians and Presidential candidates have uttered a word about it: save for Ron Paul of course, but then again, he isn’t an establishment politician.

The NDAA is the most blatant violation of your rights as a human being and citizen of America. The video above provides footage showing Mitt Romney and Ron Paul’s stance on the NDAA bill, and their sense of urgency in protecting your life and liberty.

After watching the video below, would knowing Mitt Romney’s stance on the NDAA really matter?

Obama signs NDAA Into Law Obama signs NDAA Into Law

President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) today, allowing indefinite detention to be codified into law – perhaps the most blatantly unconstitutional law instituted by the White House in recent years. As you know, the White House had threatened to veto an earlier version of the NDAA but reversed course shortly before Congress voted on the final bill. While President Obama issued a signing statement saying he had “serious reservations” about the provisions, the statement only applies to how his administration would use it and would not affect how the law is interpreted by subsequent administrations.

The statute is particularly dangerous because it has no temporal or geographic limitations, and can be used by this and future presidents to militarily detain people captured far from any battlefield.

View more from ACLU at the source link below.

Source: ACLU

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