I knew Mitt was a serial flip flopper, but boy does it look bad when you see all of his flipping in one consecutive video. Mitt is a sharp looking guy, no doubt about it – but at the core, he is simply a man that yearns for the popularity and power of a political post, and is willing to take any stance that will get your vote. There isn’t a single principle that Mitt stands on – or perhaps more appropriately – Mitt believes in whatever principle will get you to like him at this very moment. It could literally change next year, or tomorrow, or within the next 2 minutes, just as it has before. Mitt isn’t even so much a human being, as he is a walking mirror. He will reflect back to you whatever you believe in, which is great when he’s in front of you, however not so great when he’s in front of that other person who thinks they have a right to your money, your children, your house.

So who really is Mitt Romney? It’s quite literally impossible to say. The only thing for certain – Mitt is a serial a flip flopper. Nominate this man for anything, and you’re bound to get burned.

Latest statistics show Ron Paul continues to trump all GOP candidates in terms of user google searches. Media references remain out of touch with the interest of US citizens – though the chart shows a recent increase in Ron Paul’s media references as a result of their latest, though largely unsuccessful attempts to convince people he is a racist.

Ron Paul set to win Iowa Primary

A new poll from Public Policy Polling shows Newt Gingrich dropping in Iowa to 22%, with Ron Paul surging to 21%, a statistical tie given the 2-3% margin of error. Virtually every candidate has at some point during this year’s campaign seen their numbers soar, only to come crashing down shortly after. Ron Paul is the sole candidate who’s numbers have consistently risen month after month, building a solid base of support that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. The poll also shows that almost half of Gingrich supporters are uncertain on whether they will eventually vote for him, while 77% of Ron Paul supporters are certain they will vote for him. Mitt Romney is steady at a distant third place with 16%.

Based on the trends, come January, Ron Paul could end up with a landslide victory.

Source: businessinsider.com

ABC hosted the most recent debate between six of the GOP Presidential hopefuls. As was to be expected, the debate moderators Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos tried to position the debate as “between front runners Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.” Conspicuously missing from the media’s biased attention, of course, was none other than Ron Paul – the candidate with the most thriving campaign in Iowa, whose poll numbers place him just behind Gingrich in a tie with Romney, and perpetually increasing numbers. When polling included independents and disenchanted Democrats who are switching to the Republican party – Ron Paul became the clear leader in Iowa. And yet the media continues so obviously to avoid even mentioning his name if at all possible.

As the debate unfolded, Michelle Bachmann forcefully piped up, admitting she wanted to follow Cain’s strategy of repeating one single talking point – she repeated through out the debate that she is the true conservative. Online polls throughout the debate showed viewers were still largely unclear about Romney and Gingrich’s positions on health care mandates, and the majority of Yahoo! pollsters were requesting to give Ron Paul more talking time. In the end, Romney and Gingrich were sloppy and often ambiguous, Bachmann’s case for her conservatism boded well against all candidates except Ron Paul – who has so undeniably been the most consistent true conservative for over 30 years, he was the one person Bachmann couldn’t afford to compare herself to, and Perry piped up briefly to coax Romney to offer him a $10,000 bet – an action the media hooked onto as a death blow to the Romney Campaign. Many are saying it was one of Ron Paul’s strongest performances – with strong, clear, and concise arguments. In closing, Rick Perry said he has most learned from Ron Paul’s effort to end the Federal Reserve, and why it matters. Romney said he was most impressed by Ron Paul’s leadership – claiming he is always amazed how the only signs he sees at debates are for Ron Paul.

The typical agenda and bias of ABC News (and the rest of the mainstream media) was perhaps most clear in the post-debate commentary, where the talking heads tried to focus the discussion about Romney vs. Gingrich, identifying the silly bet between Romney and Perry as a critical moment, and then they all unanimously agreed Gingrich is the clear winner. Ron Paul’s name was not mentioned ONCE in the post-debate commentary – yes, the man leading all online post-debate polls, and mentioned by 40% of the other candidates as the most influential opponent in their closing statements.

Ron Paul’s existence was finally mentioned the following morning on ABC’s This Week with Christiane Amanpour:


Here are some polls currently running:

Most important:
Yahoo! News: http://news.yahoo.com/elections/debate/vote/ [polling now closed]
Sodahead/ABC News: http://www.sodahead.com/fun/who-do-you-think-is-performing-the-best-at-tonights-gop-presidential-candidate-debate/question-2331881/

“Vote for Newt” Page: https://www.facebook.com/votefornewt [DELETED: due to overwhelming support for Ron Paul]
“The Tea Party” Page: http://www.facebook.com/questions/257506934304799/

Less important:
WePolls: http://www.wepolls.com/p/6251407/Who-won-the-12/10/2011-ABC-News-GOP-debate-in-Iowa
WorldMag: http://online.worldmag.com/2011/12/10/online-poll-who-won-saturdays-gop-debate-in-des-moines/

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