The NDAA is the most blatant violation of your rights as a human being and citizen of America. The video above provides footage showing Mitt Romney and Ron Paul’s stance on the NDAA bill, and their sense of urgency in protecting your life and liberty.

After watching the video below, would knowing Mitt Romney’s stance on the NDAA really matter?

Local law enforcement has been getting assistance from the Pentagon. The recent militarization of the police at the Occupy protests has proved this true. The Pentagon program is getting military-grade weapons in the hands of local law enforcement in the US to use on American citizens. The Department of Defense has handed over $500 million worth of weapons this year. Is the government gearing up for mainstream to rise up? Max Blumenthal, writing fellow for The Nation Institute, joins us to answer some of these questions.

There is no end in sight to the American military expansion. The government, (naively) created to protect and serve the people, must only reach a certain size before the people no longer have the power to contain it. I fear we crossed that line a long time ago. The size of the state, and the complacency of the average citizen have combined to create this inevitable recipe for disaster.

Prepare yourself for martial law, and let it not be said that we weren’t warned.

Update: While the police state has undoubtedly been growing by leaps and bounds, this particular proposal was originally detailed 3 years ago (link). Russia Today seems to be the only network covering this story at the present. Keep your eyes out for any confirmation.

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