Herman Cain supporters await the announcement of his yet to be revealed departure from the GOP presidential race.

It’s official – Herman Cain has ended his bid for the White House amid accusations of past sexual misconduct and recent foreign policy interviews causing people to question his ability to interact politically on a global stage.

This leaves a decent chunk of voters without their first choice candidate. While the media is actively trying to encourage his supporters to embrace the controversial Newt Gingrich, there’s been a surprisingly different response emerging online.

The following is a new post from the moderator of a popular Herman Cain forum (underlining mine):

Now that Herman Cain has dropped out of the race my new candidate is….. Congressman Ron Paul.

Ron Paul was the only candidate that actually had remorse for how the media treated Herman Cain and the alleged affairs, I will always thank him for showing resptect in that nauture, with that said.

I had always liked a lot of what Ron Paul advocates, I don’t agree with him on everything but probably 90%.

I am going to encourage all Ron Paul suppoters to come here and openly support Ron Paul for he is now my new official candidate for President.

I was asked to support Newt Gingrich, there is no possibly way I could every endorse Newt Gingrich, how the republican party is supporting Gingrich I have no idea. While Newt has had documented multiple affairs with women Herman Cain’s campaign was destroyed by accusations yet Gingrich is at the top of the polls? What the hell is wrong with the republican party.

Newt Gingrich is for individual mandates

Supports the patriot act

Took millions from Fannie May and Freddie Mac all the while touting how strong and stable the companies were, then months later we gace them billions of taxpayer dollars while millions of people lost their homes.

Newts think tank also took over 35 million dollars from the heathcare industry lobbies that supported indivdual mandates.

Supported the bailouts

Supports global warming/climate change

Has had multiple affairs but yet is now top of the polls while Herman’s campaign was destroyed by accusations of alledged affairs.

The list goes on and on.

Yes my support will now go to Congressman Ron Paul from Texas.

Feel free to comment.

UPDATED; I welcome the Ron Paul supporters that have come here and I encourage them to stay and post info about Ron Paul so that the other members here can become educated. I will be posting info about Paul soon and the forum will be revamped with the Cain information removed and Ron Paul information added.

UPDATED : I have sent out over 22,000 emails to my endorsement, the overwelming views on this post is outstanding, also thanks to all the Ron Paul supporters that have showed remorse for Herman it is appreciated.

This is excellent news for the cause of liberty and the prospect of a truly conservative White House.

Herman Cain’s announcement covered by LA Times: link

The man that the mainstream media has decided to pump recently in the GOP Presidential race has just taken a major hit. Politico has discovered that at least 2 women in the 90’s complained of discomfort caused by a sexually aggressive and inappropriate Herman Cain, head of the National Restaurant Association at the time. These women left the company, and received a financial payout in return for signing a contract that barred the women from ever talking about the circumstances involving their departure.

Time and again we see that the highest seat of the land, the seat of the US President, attracts the most sophisticated and immoral power seekers replete with hidden treasure troves of past social issues.

When will the mainstream media realize that the one man they vehemently ignore, Ron Paul, is the only man with a consistent, moral, and courageous history of heroism and activism? The one man immune to the search for evidence of flip flopping, hidden evils, and immorality.

Ouch, Herman, Herman, Herman. You don’t need ‘sophisticated’ data or an ‘economic analysis team’ – but a 30 year education in austrian economics like Ron Paul has wouldn’t hurt. Pizza boy economics isn’t going to cut it, and pardon me if I don’t trust your ability to assemble a competent ‘Economic Analysis Team.’ Here’s to wishful thinking that people will pick the 1 guy (ronpaul) out of the 10 options who won’t make the money in my bank account disintegrate (ronpaul). Thanks (ronpaul).

ps. It’s insane that I can’t just make my own educated decision – I have to convince other (economically ignorant) people to please not pick a ruler who will destroy my wealth. How are we in a system that gives other people that much power over us and our wealth?

Ron Paul has been a student of the Austrian School of economics for decades, allowing him and the majority of students in the Austrian School of thought to correctly predict every major economic event of the past century. Ron Paul’s incredible economic savvy has allowed him to see the incredible danger of a central bank like the Federal Reserve, and exactly how it regularly causes booms and busts through its market manipulation.

Herman Cain on the other hand is a student of pizza making and political propaganda. He went so far as to serve as the director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Cain has shown his understanding of economics is abysmal, and his interest in learning the subject is zilch. Cain not only believes what he’s been told, but he adopts that very propaganda as his own platform.

Please America, do not be so foolish as to give the reigns of America to someone as unskilled, naive, and ignorantly cocky as Herman Cain. What really needs to happen is for Herman Cain to sit down for a couple years and let Ron Paul educate him on actual sound economics, banking, monetary policy, and the rest of the genius that Ron has developed over the past 30 years.

America is nearing the depths of economic catastrophe – Ron Paul is the only man capable of protecting you, your family, and your life’s savings. Please be smart.

How many polls of the same question does FOX need? As many as it takes to get the right winner.

Link: HammerofTruth.com

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