The man that the mainstream media has decided to pump recently in the GOP Presidential race has just taken a major hit. Politico has discovered that at least 2 women in the 90’s complained of discomfort caused by a sexually aggressive and inappropriate Herman Cain, head of the National Restaurant Association at the time. These women left the company, and received a financial payout in return for signing a contract that barred the women from ever talking about the circumstances involving their departure.

Time and again we see that the highest seat of the land, the seat of the US President, attracts the most sophisticated and immoral power seekers replete with hidden treasure troves of past social issues.

When will the mainstream media realize that the one man they vehemently ignore, Ron Paul, is the only man with a consistent, moral, and courageous history of heroism and activism? The one man immune to the search for evidence of flip flopping, hidden evils, and immorality.

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