How is it that Ron Paul is the only person in Washington that has a pure understanding of how economies work? How do you teach people who have no interest in learning, that their current philosophies have us on a road to the complete destruction of the US Dollar and an ensuing depression of unseen proportions?

Rand Paul’s Key Points

  • Rand points out the contradiction between the Administration’s Pro Choice position on abortion and their “anti-choice” position on consumer items.
  • Our choices are restricted on light bulbs, refrigerators, toilets, etc., and result in higher prices caused by laws and restrictions passed by the Department of Energy purporting to know what’s best for you and me.
  • Rand blames the Department for his malfunctioning toilet which is the result of them dictating what we can and cannot install in our homes, restricting our choices, and thus engaging in hypocrisy.
  • Rand is insulted by the Department refusing to allow us the choice of what we install in our homes.
  • Jobs are shipped overseas because of laws governing what can and cannot be produced domestically.
  • Rand believes in energy conservation, however we should be given the choice to conserve, as opposed to fines, threats of jail, and threats of being put out of business.
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