New polls have Ron Paul leading the Iowa caucuses, and performing the best against Obama in hypothetical matchups – tied with Romney. There is 1 problem however – Ron Paul is not the establishment candidate. A Ron Paul nomination represents a direct threat to big banks, big business, big lobbying, and the big military industrial complex – which is why the people recently rallying around Ron Paul’s message of freedom has these powerful groups downright terrified. The media and the political establishment have vowed to completely discredit and ignore any Ron Paul victory – essentially discrediting the idea of democracy altogether.

Please give your appreciation to Jack Cafferty above and Neil Cavuto below for being some of the last fair and unbiased journalists we have remaining.

With Ron Paul the GOP frontrunner, will Mitt Romney run 3rd party?

While every other GOP candidate has seen their numbers briefly soar, only to come crashing down as the mainstream media replaces them with a new flavor of the week, Ron Paul has seen his numbers consistently rising. First he was “steady at 10%,” then a “solid 13%,” and on to become “a consistent 18%.” The latest polls have Paul in a statistical tie with Newt, now garnering over 20% of the early caucus-goers’ support. Clearly, the only thing vaguely inconsistent about Ron Paul are his numbers…they just won’t stay the same because they are perpetually going up – much to the mainstream media’s dismay. As he has risen to become solidly in the GOP “top tier,” media pundits everywhere have begun an all out “3rd party” assault as a last ditch attempt to discredit the increasingly popular candidate – asking Ron Paul at every opportunity if he will run 3rd party – so desperate at times as to ask the same question 8 consecutive times in a row with different wording, eventually pleading for Ron to simply acknowledge that he wouldn’t specifically say no.

The days where the mainstream media had the influence to suppress popular/threatening ideas are all but over. To be sure, they won’t go quietly into the night – with people like FOX’s Chris Wallace recently claiming that an Iowa vote for Ron Paul will altogether discredit the Iowa caucuses. But such silly claims really don’t matter anymore, just as Chris Wallace and other pundits are becoming increasingly irrelevant. It’s time for the MSM to surrender their propaganda and wave that white flag – the people, armed with the internet, are finally able to think for themselves.

With Ron Paul’s support recently catching up to the current flavor of the week, Newt Gingrich, it’s becoming evermore relevant to ask candidates like Mitt Romney,

“with Ron being the GOP frontrunner, will you, Mitt, consider running 3rd party? How about a 3rd party run Mitt? Hey Mitt, if you don’t pull through, could we see a 3rd party run? But you won’t rule it out? So if Ron Paul gets the nomination, you won’t specifically rule out running 3rd party Mitt? Hey Mitt, who’s the true conservative between Ron Paul and Newt? Will you support Ron Paul assuming he gets the nomination? 3rd party Mitt?”

Much to the media’s chagrin – the tables have turned.

Watch the most recent “3rd Party assault” on Meet the Press 12/12/2011 – just before the new poll numbers were released showing Ron Paul comfortably ahead of Romney, and in a statistical tie for first place with Newt Gingrich.

Update: Here is a compilation video someone made of the “3rd party assault.” Oh yea, and Ron Paul is now solely in first place in Iowa.

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Just for fun, here are the number of times each candidate is mentioned in the CNN article:

Perry: 29
Romney: 21
Cain: 6
Santorum: 6
Bachmann: 3
Gingrich: 3
Johnson: 3
Huntsman: 2
Paul: 1, literally just to say that he existed there (“Romney, Perry, Bachmann and Santorum were joined onstage at the debate by former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and businessman Herman Cain.”)

Obviously in politics, the flip-flopping, the troubled past, the mistakes are what’s interesting – just as it is in reality tv. As soon as all of the drama is distilled down to a single, coherent, consistent philosophy – you are no longer interesting…to the media.

Oh p.s., Ron Paul is currently leading in every major post debate poll online.

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How many polls of the same question does FOX need? As many as it takes to get the right winner.


Ron Paul’s Key Points

  • Who will lend us the money to invade another country? China?
  • Senator John McCain supports a no fly zone – that would constitute war. What if foreigners controlled our airspace?
  • As Hilary Clinton stated, we don’t even know who the good guys are yet.
  • The US does not need to be involved in foreign affairs to protect our oil interests. Countries like Saudi Arabia have become dependent on our consumption, and therefore need the US as a customer regardless of our foreign protection.
  • David Andolfatto has called Ron Paul a “pinhead” for his “attacks” on the Fed. This demonstrates that those opposed to Ron Paul’s position have lost the intellectual argument. Robert Wenzel has responded in defense of Ron Paul.
  • The government shutdown is unlikely – it’s simply a game of who is to blame. There will be no major cuts – the cuts being discussed are so token that their effects would be inconsequential.
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