For years the media has tirelessly berated Ron Paul, trying to convince the people to cover their ears when he’s talking. The media’s success is coming to a screeching halt – people have begun to listen to Ron Paul, and when that happens, the passionate support of his message inevitably follows. That’s what we’re seeing now with Ron Paul surging into first place in the most recent polls – and this has the mainstream media and the establishment Republicans in a fearful frenzy. The media’s advice to stop listening to Ron Paul has failed, and so now we are beginning to see what may be the media’s last tool of manipulation, their last defense against the surging support of Ron Paul: the “3rd party” attack. It has become so widespread and so visibly coordinated that anyone with eyes and a brain should find this both laughable and detestable…which is sure to usher in failure for this last media stunt.

A Ron Paul supporter recently acknowledged the reality of the situation that the media and GOP establishment can’t bear to acknowledge with this posting on

It doesn’t make any difference, third party or not.

I will not vote for nor support any other GOP machine candidate.

I’ll write his name in or stay home.

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