Adam Kokesh, host of Adam vs. The Man, has been actively interviewing and helping Occupy Wall Street protestors understand economics, capitalism, morality, and human action (praxeology) from the first moment they took to the streets with their scattered and ill conceived political ideologies and philosophies. Here in this video, Adam smoothly leads this protestor to a basic and rational understanding of the nature, value, and necessity of money and free exchange. It’s the very thing Austrian economist Ludwig Von Mises first wrote about in 1922 in his book Socialism – the economics of why socialism must necessarily fail without the free market pricing mechanism being applied to a society’s goods or services.

The idea of capitalism is completely simple: I have something for sale, would you like to buy it? That is all it is, there are no guns, and no one is being forced to do anything. If we decide on the exchange, we both benefit – you value my product more than your money, and I value your money more than my product – we trade, it’s a win win, and we are both better off. If we decide not trade, then we simply carry on our merry ways.

It’s this simplicity that opponents must complicate and distort into a straw man to have something to attack. Unfortunately then, they are not attacking capitalism but this fictional straw man of their own creation. The danger is, they still call this straw man “capitalism.” It’s important for knowledgeable people to correct these misled, and yet sometimes, completely convincing arguments. Here, Peter Schiff shoulders the burden in taking on one of the most notorious anti-“capitalists” out there – Michael Moore.

Ouch, Herman, Herman, Herman. You don’t need ‘sophisticated’ data or an ‘economic analysis team’ – but a 30 year education in austrian economics like Ron Paul has wouldn’t hurt. Pizza boy economics isn’t going to cut it, and pardon me if I don’t trust your ability to assemble a competent ‘Economic Analysis Team.’ Here’s to wishful thinking that people will pick the 1 guy (ronpaul) out of the 10 options who won’t make the money in my bank account disintegrate (ronpaul). Thanks (ronpaul).

ps. It’s insane that I can’t just make my own educated decision – I have to convince other (economically ignorant) people to please not pick a ruler who will destroy my wealth. How are we in a system that gives other people that much power over us and our wealth?

Ron Paul has been a student of the Austrian School of economics for decades, allowing him and the majority of students in the Austrian School of thought to correctly predict every major economic event of the past century. Ron Paul’s incredible economic savvy has allowed him to see the incredible danger of a central bank like the Federal Reserve, and exactly how it regularly causes booms and busts through its market manipulation.

Herman Cain on the other hand is a student of pizza making and political propaganda. He went so far as to serve as the director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Cain has shown his understanding of economics is abysmal, and his interest in learning the subject is zilch. Cain not only believes what he’s been told, but he adopts that very propaganda as his own platform.

Please America, do not be so foolish as to give the reigns of America to someone as unskilled, naive, and ignorantly cocky as Herman Cain. What really needs to happen is for Herman Cain to sit down for a couple years and let Ron Paul educate him on actual sound economics, banking, monetary policy, and the rest of the genius that Ron has developed over the past 30 years.

America is nearing the depths of economic catastrophe – Ron Paul is the only man capable of protecting you, your family, and your life’s savings. Please be smart.

How is it that Ron Paul is the only person in Washington that has a pure understanding of how economies work? How do you teach people who have no interest in learning, that their current philosophies have us on a road to the complete destruction of the US Dollar and an ensuing depression of unseen proportions?

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