Pentagon room shocker: members in the Pentagon Press Room were carrying on a candid conversation while waiting for Obama to appear to discuss war strategies. Unfortunately for them, camera’s and microphones were rolling all through out their candid conversation, catching them in the midst of a very telling dialogue concerning a potential Ron Paul presidency.

One man is overhead saying to his colleague:

“See this room – 2/3 of us laid off when Ron Paul is president.”

This little sentence is causing quite a stir, as it demonstrates how government and Pentagon officials are more concerned about their jobs, than the killing of millions of innocent people overseas, and the trillions of American taxpayers it all costs.

The picture of why the media refuses to acknowledge Ron Paul becomes clearer everyday – his sound principles and the protection of human life threatens the government that lives off the immorality of death, destruction, and theft. This is what America has become.

Ron Paul Foreign Policy

Amidst the whirlwind of media bias, ABC News has slipped in a bit of truth concerning Ron Paul’s often chided position on foreign policy. While every other GOP candidate supports just about every current and future war for any reason whatever, Ron Paul has been isolated by his position against endless wars, undeclared wars, and the legitimate constitutional reasons for going to war – but now he is seeing swaths of foreign policy experts who are coming out in agreement with the truth of this position that the media has tried so dearly to label “extreme.”

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Source: ABC News

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