The NDAA is the most blatant violation of your rights as a human being and citizen of America. The video above provides footage showing Mitt Romney and Ron Paul’s stance on the NDAA bill, and their sense of urgency in protecting your life and liberty.

After watching the video below, would knowing Mitt Romney’s stance on the NDAA really matter?

I knew Mitt was a serial flip flopper, but boy does it look bad when you see all of his flipping in one consecutive video. Mitt is a sharp looking guy, no doubt about it – but at the core, he is simply a man that yearns for the popularity and power of a political post, and is willing to take any stance that will get your vote. There isn’t a single principle that Mitt stands on – or perhaps more appropriately – Mitt believes in whatever principle will get you to like him at this very moment. It could literally change next year, or tomorrow, or within the next 2 minutes, just as it has before. Mitt isn’t even so much a human being, as he is a walking mirror. He will reflect back to you whatever you believe in, which is great when he’s in front of you, however not so great when he’s in front of that other person who thinks they have a right to your money, your children, your house.

So who really is Mitt Romney? It’s quite literally impossible to say. The only thing for certain – Mitt is a serial a flip flopper. Nominate this man for anything, and you’re bound to get burned.

At a recent Romney for President event in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Iraq combat veteran Adam Kokesh was hoping to ask Mitt Romney some very important questions. As soon as Romney’s campaign identified the microphone in Adam Kokesh’s hand, his security team instituted some type of Operation: Avoid The War Veteran With Tough Constitution Questions. The ensuing silliness was all caught on camera. After Mitt’s incredibly disingenuous speech, which ended up just being a poorly acted recitation of “that wonderful hymn, O beautiful, for spacious skies,” his security team acted swiftly to ensure Mitt Romney avoided the mundane citizens waiting to shake his hand or ask questions upon his exit. There was a relocation of his campaign bus to a nearby parking garage, and several decoy Chevy Tahoes strategically placed for Mitt to make a clean escape past the US citizens and the “war heroes,” who not moments before Romney claimed were the very heroes that his beautiful hymn was dedicated to. An important and revealing image of who this man really is. I hope America can see past his delicately coiffed hair.

Here is a partial transcript of what must be one of the most shallow and disingenuous speeches I’ve ever seen from a Presidential Candidate:

(editor’s challenge: I challenge you to find a single, specific, irreducible principle that Mitt Romney is campaigning on.)

This is the best part of my campaign, you can’t imagine.
I never imagined that I would be running for President of the United States,
I sort of backed in to getting involved in politics.
I, I’ve been governor for four years, only four years!
I love this country!
I love the principles upon which it was founded.
This is an election of a choice in direction for America,
Not just policies, but a choice of whether we’re going to remain true
to the principles that made us who we are,
Or instead we’re going to take a sharp turn left, and become something
that we would hardly recognize.

We gotta go to the national parks!
What a thrill that was!
I knew what mom and dad were doing,
They wanted us to fall in love with America, and it worked.
That wonderful hymn I already mentioned,
‘O beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain…”
If corn counts as an amber wave of grain, why you have some right here!
The song goes on, you know, in another verse,
‘O beautiful for heroes proved in liberating strife,’
Do we have any service men or women in the audience,
would you raise your hand if you’re in the audience.
Thank you.
These are who the song refers to.

Here are Mitt Romney’s Stances on the Constitution in the Past:

Article Word Count: ~1,460 words

Just for fun, here are the number of times each candidate is mentioned in the CNN article:

Perry: 29
Romney: 21
Cain: 6
Santorum: 6
Bachmann: 3
Gingrich: 3
Johnson: 3
Huntsman: 2
Paul: 1, literally just to say that he existed there (“Romney, Perry, Bachmann and Santorum were joined onstage at the debate by former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and businessman Herman Cain.”)

Obviously in politics, the flip-flopping, the troubled past, the mistakes are what’s interesting – just as it is in reality tv. As soon as all of the drama is distilled down to a single, coherent, consistent philosophy – you are no longer interesting…to the media.

Oh p.s., Ron Paul is currently leading in every major post debate poll online.

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On the heels of today’s big announcement, Ron Paul has launched the official website of his 2012 presidential campaign!

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The good Dr. slipped the big news that’s coming tomorrow, the only man that can save the country is almost ready! Brilliant interview with an ill-intentioned host – thank god the idea of liberty is popular again…

“…. in his heart, and in his head, in his character, and in his intellect, in what he has done, and in what he will become, the Thomas Jefferson of our day, Ron Paul is one of us.” – Judge Napolitano

The message of Ron Paul is more important to the United States than anything in recent decades. His message flows through every aspect of your life, of my life, and of generations to come. With his understanding of the economy, sound money, and central banking, he is the only man left capable of restoring the prosperity that America once had. He stands for peace, and an end to the endless pursuit of foreign nation building and empire expansion. He is the greatest champion for our Constitution today – tirelessly educating Washington on the all but forgotten founding principles that our Country was built on. He understands your personal, God-given, inalienable rights, and he has dedicated his life to protecting them. Ron Paul is only one man, but his message can save the world. Do not let 2012 pass without understanding the message of Ron Paul.

In an interview with Radio Iowa, Senator Rand Paul stated his reasons why immediate action is necessary to curb the destruction of recent policies in Washington. Senator Paul all but guaranteed that there will be a Candidate Paul in the 2012 presidential race – only time will tell whether it will be father Ron or son Rand. Either way, the country is in desperate need of a freedom and constitutionally based candidate, and Rand’s comments give us hope for real change in 2012.

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Ron Paul 2012 Petition

Never before has America needed a visionary of your courage more than now. The next election will be the most crucial one in our history, and you are at the right place and at the right time not only to educate Americans about the principles of personal liberty, sound money, free markets and a sensible pro-America foreign policy, but also to continue the Revolution and lead us to victory.

Click here to sign the petition!

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