With the debacle of the recent Republican National Convention all but past, liberty minded voters have been left with no real political options. Gary Johnson has received a boost from some Ron Paul supporters, however he simply doesn’t have the name recognition for any votes his way to make a real statement.

New information has arisen that shows Ron Paul is planning to make a big announcement on the Leno show September 4th – could it be a 3rd party run? A Gary Johnson endorsement? Sources say it’s probably something else, but there is a petition running with over 11,000 signatures strong for Ron Paul to make one last run for the presidency as the 3rd party candidate. Furthermore, apparently Ron Paul is open to the idea, provided he is assured that he will have the support necessary to make it worth it.

So please go sign this petition, if anything, just for the principle of it. I no longer believe in participating or voting within the political system we’ve been given, but signing the petition shows a stand against the wars, the Federal Reserve, and other important issues that neither Romney nor Obama will confront.

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