And Then There Were Two…

Ron Paul outperformed all expectations tonight with his strong second place finish in New Hampshire, the first primary of the election season. Ron Paul’s support has consistently bucked the trend this election season which has seen virtually every candidate momentarily soar in the polls, only to come crashing back down into virtual obscurity. Paul’s support on the other hand has been consistently gaining every single with nary a decline. This demonstrates a remarkable loyalty among Americans to the message Ron Paul espouses, a rarity in politics, and especially the politics of the past few months. If history is any indication, the supporters Ron Paul has aren’t going anywhere, and many more are sure to be on their way in the weeks and months ahead.

With a recent report from South Carolina’s largest newspaper, The State, it is becoming increasingly evident that we are now down to a 2 man race in the GOP between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, with all other candidates failing to make the ballots of all the states:

• Newt Gingrich is not on the ballot in Missouri and Virginia and did not qualify for all of the delegates in Tennessee.

• Rick Santorum is not on the ballot in Virginia, Ilinois and Washington, D.C., and did not qualify for all of the delegates in Ohio and Tennessee.

• Jon Huntsman is not on the ballot in Arizona, Virginia and Illinois and did not qualify for all of the delegates in Ohio and Tennessee.

• Rick Perry is not on the ballot in Virginia and did not qualify for all of the delegates in Ohio, Tennessee and Illinois.

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Ron Paul the Rockstar

One Response to After New Hampshire, GOP Field Narrows To a Two-Man Race: Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney

  1. Maria says:

    Its a simple anwser. Name 1 conservative republican, Pres Reagan was a conservative, so was Jessie Helms, but name 1 today that is. Not one that says they are a conservative. Definitely not one that the media says is a conservative, to the media anyone that’s a republican is a conservative. But one that really is a conservative, I can not think of any, at least there are no conservatives republicans in either the House, Senate, nor any of the Governors. That is why, although I am very conservative, I am not a republican, because the republicans are liberal, just not as liberal as the democrats.

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