The most recent comparison of Ron Paul user search trends vs. how often the mainstream media references him shows a continuation of the media being completely out of step with the rest of the population. Google searches show a significant surge among users searching for Ron Paul – where the search volume for Dr. Paul seems to indicate significantly more interest in him than in any other presidential candidate. When looking at the media references during the same time frame, however, a very different story is revealed. The media referenced Ron Paul the LEAST of all candidates at the exact same time that the American people were searching for him with a volume greater than all other candidates combined.

It’s common knowledge among most people, but this just provides the factual and visual evidence for the complaints of so many Americans that the media remains completely biased – intentionally serving political news in a way that totally contradicts the interests of the actual American people.

The mainstream media establishment does not want you to know about Ron Paul. That alone should warrant a Ron Paul presidency.

One Response to Latest “Ron Paul” Google Search Trends vs. Mainstream Media News References

  1. anonoped says:

    The big story is the MSM by purposefully ignoring Ron Paul gave up any control of the story. Now that the people seem to be doing their own research the MSM will be viewed as propagandists or shills when they produce smear pieces.

    I know this because I’m one of the people. I’ll never again, under any circumstances believe any MSM portal. Everything they say is a lie until proven by research that it’s not.

    Advertisers would do well to stop wasting their money with the ‘news’ outlets as their soap brands are being hurt and the money is wasted.

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