This Osama Bin Laden charade is getting sillier by the day. Today the Pentagon has released what they claim are home videos retrieved from the compound where Osama Bin Laden was allegedly found and killed. As has been the case with every new piece of “evidence” released over the past few days, this new “evidence” is gaping with holes.

More and more people are now viewing this whole debacle as a complete fabrication by the Obama administration, or at least with a heightened skepticism. Current problems include:

1) Multiple reports over the past decade claim a sickly Osama has been dead for years

2) A changing of the official “story” over a dozen times since the “killing”

3) Osama’s body was immediately dumped at sea in an unknown location after being shot in the face (why the face?) by impeccably accurate Navy Seals

4) Obama has decided not to release any photos of the event to prevent people from their gruesome nature, despite Reuter’s acquiring and publishing pictures of the other men killed at the compound.

5) CIA Director Leon Panetta has admitted that there was a total blackout of live video feeds from cameras on the helmets of the soldiers for 25 minutes, thus producing no video evidence of the event.

6) DNA testing was performed, however when medical professionals pointed out the impossibility of such quick results, it was claimed that facial recognition was also used (using the face that was shot?).

7) Two former CIA officials have admitted the agency has created fake Osama Bin Laden tapes to convey a message of their own intention.

Many more problems are on the way, and needless to say, this event couldn’t be any less confirmed at the moment. Many are speculating that this is simply the latest event in an ongoing effort to orchestrate the first great war of the 21st century, World War III, by pinning it on the back of Pakistan.

3 Responses to Pentagon Releases “Home Videos” of Osama Bin Laden in an Attempt to Prove They Really Did Kill Him Last Week

  1. Tisoy says:

    Strangely, there are several scnees with islamists using squirt guns in the british homegrown-terrorist comedy “Four Lions” (2010).In one scene, a SWAT-commando forcefully enters the home of the cell-leaders religious, but completely innocent brother, arresting the man and confiscating a tiny squirt gun as “piece of evidence”. The analogy to the “Osama-fairytale” is actually quite striking…live imitating art! Besides, in “Four Lions”, Osama gets killed in the Pakistani desert (entirely by accident, though). It almost appears to be a case of unintentional “predictive programming”.Greetings from Germany, A.

  2. Sakib says:

    I don’t know the make of the squirt gun, but on some miitalry blog I read that the squirt gun thing is a Navy Seals ‘calling card’ (like remember in Apocolypse Now the AirCav guy left behind playing cards?) — the Navy Seals leave behind the squirt gun and it’s supposed to be a twisted kind of war comment on that they wouldn’t shoot an unarmed person.

  3. Joseph says:

    Where do you think the taxes go? To the poor , the people who DON’T WORK for crap. They end up with the money that sfuecsscul, hard working, rich people WORKED for. Oh yeah not one penny of the taxes I pay go to anything else Right Jeeez!You sound like you have been Limbaugh-tomised. It Still isn’t Redistribution.The rich will still be rich.Answer THIS question directly (if you can) Why should Rich people get a free ride off of MY taxes? Just that one question let’s see if you can do it

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